Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

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Frame Park Rental Agreement

I agree to pay the rental fees and agree to assume all risk of personal injury or damage to property as a result of the use of the equipment and accept the inherent risks of biking or boating, whether known or unknown. I hereby release and discharge In The Park LLC d/b/a High Roller Fun Rentals of any action, suits, claims, or demands whatsoever in law or equity.

I agree to supervise any persons under age 18 during all times they possess equipment I have rented. I agree to ride under control at all times, obey traffic laws and regulations, maintain care and look out for my own safety and the safety of others under my care and supervision. I will personally inspect the equipment.

I will return the equipment in good working condition and will be responsible for any damage to it other than normal use. Any damage will be paid by me immediately. Reckless and careless use of equipment will not be tolerated.

High Roller Fun Rentals has many eyes throughout the park. If you are seen abusing any equipment or acting in a careless or reckless manner, you lose any remaining rental time (which will not be refunded) and you are done renting from us for the rest of the year!

• I understand that bike riding and boating require me to exercise personal skill and balance.

• I understand that pedestrian and motor hazards are present and have the right of way.

• I understand that sand, rocks, sidewalk and path cracks & deviations and other obstacles may exist.

• I understand that when boating passengers, including myself, may get wet.

• I will not allow anyone under 16 to drive a Surrey Bike

• I will not remove canopy from Surrey Bike.

• I understand and agree to pay a $10.00 cleaning fee for any bikes returned muddy

• I will not drive Surrey Bike or Novelty bikes on public streets, only sidewalks and designated paths.

• I understand that If rules are not followed and equipment is confiscated, I will be responsible for the full rental price.

• I will not paddle boat, canoe or kayak within 200 ft. of the fountains.

• I understand that life jackets must be worn while boating and while on the High Roller dock.

Warning: Under Wisconsin Law, A participant in a recreational activity shall assume all risks inherent with such activity.

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