Rental Information

Rental Information

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Rental Details


The following rental information is for our recreational equipment rental business located in Frame Park on the Fox River. We rent a variety of specialty bikes, paddle boats, character floats, canoes and kayaks. Individuals, groups and families can rent the available equipment of their choice and spend a fun-filled day on the water or biking around the Fox River or both.

We have bikes and boats available that accommodate one or more people. Rates are charged either in half-hour or hour increments. The minimum rental period is 30 minutes.

Public Safety Aspects


For your safety as well as equipment protection please ensure the primary renter and any other riders in your party understand and adhere to the equipment usage rules.

Please do not be offended if you are asked to separate into smaller groups. This is done solely to ensure your safety and enjoyment and to prevent damage to our equipment. We want you to have fun but not at the cost of your safety!

Bike and Boat Rental Procedure

**Switching between different bikes or boats during a rental will incur another rental charge per peddler/paddler**

1. Read the rental rules, complete and sign the rental agreement form.

2. Bring the completed rental agreement form and a valid ID to a high-roller staff personnel. We will hold your ID during rental use.

3. Pay after use. The elapsed rental time will be recorded, equipment will be inspected and the total rental fee will be totaled. Your ID will be returned to you once payment is made.

4. Rental Fees are a general pricing for bikes and boats. We do a per peddler/paddler pricing.

10$ per Half hour per peddler/paddler | 15$ per Whole hour per peddler/paddler